Campaing rules
The campaing is divided in to a 12 campaing turns with each turn taking a two weeks of real time. After every three turns there is a special game that takes place after the normal games of that turn have been played.
Monday - Tuesday 20:00Players send their orders via order table at the bottom of the webpage of the current turn. Orders are processed on Tuesday at 20:30
Wensday - ThursdayPlayers may challenge each other to a battle according to the chalenge rules.
Friday - Next weeks Sunday (Friday if there is a special game)Batles are fought. (TYRMÄ gaming night is on first Sunday so that is a preferred venue for the battöle but othe locations can also be agreed)
SaturdayIf there is a special game scheduled, it will take place at this time

Setup order is selected at random. After that each player in turn selects a spaceport to be their initial staging area, space stations can also be selected as they count as spaceports. This spaceport is marked as controlled by that player.

After the initial spaceports are selected each player in turn selects one hex that is in contact with a hex that is in their controll. If such hex can't be selected player may chose another uncontrolled spaceport hex (since all spaceports are considered to be adjacent) and if this doesn't work player may choose any unoccupied hex from the map. This selection, where every player chooses a hex, is continued untill all hexes are taken.

After starting areas are determined each player selects one controlled hex as a capital hex, this is a one hex that can't be conquerred by other players (it may be wrecked though).

Each player recieves two armies. At this point only the warlord of the armies need to be determined. Unlike in normal games you roll first and select table afterwards. This will be the trait for the warlord for the rest of the campaing. You may change it later with experience or Schola Orhum's training facilities.

Every player has a special objective, usually they have to gain victory in a specific scenario and have to controll a certain amount of hexes. When these conditions are met, that player gains an aditional army with it's warlord. A fourth army is gained after Izmak has been openned in turn 6 special battle.

Game map is divided in to a hexes. Each hex can hold unlimited number of armies. Some hexes are empty and some have different qualities:

HextypeIconVictory pointsEfects
City10Cities are where people live. there is no special needs for cities but they provide 10 victory points each so it is important to controll as many as posiible
Factory5Factories produce everything from raw ore to lasguns. They are needed to wage war. If you can draw line of suply from current batlefield to a friendly factory you have one extra heavy support slot for your use in this batle. In adition, if you have more than twice the number of factories compared to your enemy you may take 10% more of points to the batle than your opponent.
Prometheum refinery5Prometheum is important part of warfare. Each refinery may be used to boost a movement of an army from 1 to 3 hexes per turn. In adition to this player who can trace a suplyline from the batlefield to a prometheum refinery may take one extra fast attack choise to his army for one batle.
Space port5Space ports are used to move armies and goods between planets. Every spaceport is considered to be in adjacent hex with every other space port.
Space stations10There are three large space station orbitting Malacus prime. Each of these space stations counts as both spaceport and factory.
Schola progeninum Orhum10Orhum's schola progeninum is located in the equator of that planet (hex or_c3). Main schola is located underground and only an old fortress lies on the surface. The controll of this schola is objective of special scenario at the end of turn 3. Further batles can be fought with the special terrain for that batle, as standard batle or as a zona interficio batle that takes place in underground caverns of the schola.
Refinery 6610In the Izmak's raging atmosphere there are ruins of ancient refineries. Only one of them is still functional. Refinery 66 counts as both space port and a refinery. Since the refinery and space port are in a single hex it is possible to use Izmak's refinery to have any one of your armies to move 3 hexes instead of one.

A suply line is a chain of hexes that streches from resource hex to a hex where the army is. If all of these hexes are owned by you, or an ally, the line exists. If your ally alows you may use their refineries for your own movement.
Campaing turn
Each turn begins on monday at 00:01. The map is updated acording to the batles of the last turn and players may start giving orders to their armies. Orders are sent to game masters who have already completed their own orders so that they may not take advantage of other players moves.

Orders are processed on tuesdays at 20:30 and new positions of units are updated to the map. After this the chalenges begin.
Each army may move one hex. If owning player owns a prometehum refinery, and unbroken line of suply can be drawn to the hex containing the refinery, army may move up to three hexes. Note that every army requires the use of a different refinery. If the refinery is on another planet player must be able to draw a line of suply from the refinery to a friendly (own or allied) spaceport and then from friendly spaceport to the army that is being moved. If the army is in spaceport it may recieve prometheum from any refinery that player controlls, also if player controlls a hex that is a spaceport and a refinery (Refinery 66 on Izmak at hex IZ 66) single army anywhere on map may use that source to move three hexes.

In movement all friendly space ports are considered adjacent hexes. Also if army starts it's movement from a spaceport it may make a special space assault move and move to any hex in a map, this will use up all the movement allowance of the army regardless of ammount of prometheum refineries.

All hexes have movement cost of 1, the terrain on map doesn't affect movement anyway within a single planet.
Starting from the player with least ammount of victory points, players issue chalenges to each other. Player must choose the chalenged acording to the following criteria:

If player has army in the same hex as another player and they are not allied, he must challenge that player.
If player has an army in a hex that is controlled by other (non allied) player he must challenge that player.
If enemy player has an army in a hex player controlls he must challenge that player.
If player is in a alliance and his ally recieves a challenge he can't answer the player may answer that instead.
If none of these conditions are fulfilled player may chalenge a player who ally could challenge.

Player may not be challenged twice and already challenged players may not be challenged again. This means that on every campaign turn each player plays a one game and since challenger usually has a smaler amount of victory points than the challenged, it is easier for a beaten player to rise again.

Each batle has a hex that is used as a vager for the challenge, if the challenger wins he gains controll of that hex. If the army that is fighting the batle is in a hex controled by the challenged player the vager is that hex. If there is no clear hex where the batle is taking a place the challenger may choose any hex that is adjacent to a hex he owns or where he has an army as a vager.

If player controlls a prometheum refinery that has a unbroken suply line of friendly (owned or owned by an allied player) between the hex where the batle taking palce, that player may take one extra selection from fast attack choises of his codex.

If player has a line of suply to a factory he may take one extra choise from heavy support section of his codex.

If one player has more than twice the ammount of factories compared to his opponent he may take extra 10% in points for this battle to represent his production advantages.

Use normal warhamme rules for these unless you are fighting in a space station. In that case, if both player agree, game can be fought under murder zone rules.

There are also 4 special scenarios that are fought after turns 3, 6, 9, and 12. These scenarios are:

After turn 3: Schola progenium Orhum asks for help
After turn 6: Assault on refinery 66
After turn 9: Listening post GZ 89
After turn 12: Hulk smash!
After the battle
The winner is determined by the scenario rules. If there is no clear winner the defender (original owner of the hex) is determined to be the winner. I attacker won the battle he will take controll of the hex where the fighting took place, if this wasn't the defenders capital hex. Atacker may also, in lieu of conquerring the hex attacker may try to sabotage the hex, this gives +3 to the destruction roll. As the capitals can't be conquerred attacker must choose the sabotage option if battle is fought in a capital hex.
After the battle, see if the hex fought over is devastated. Roll d6 and add the following bonuses, on result 6+ the hex is devastated and now counts as empty hex. If it was a special hex it may be later repaired by removing a factory owned by player.

ConditionBonus to the roll
Batle size of 2000+ pts.+1
Batle size of 3000+ pts.+2
Batle size of 4000+ pts.+3
Batle size of 5000+ pts.+4 and so on ...
Attacker chose to sabotage instead of conquest+3
City or spaceport-1
prometheum refinery+1
Spoils of batle
After the batle roll once for winner and loser from the following tables. Winner rolls from spoils of war table,

d6 RollSpoils of war
1"Look what I found at those shipping grates burried under the rubble!"
Player gains a factory or prometheum refinery that can be placed in any empty hex controlled by the palyer or his allies. It may also be used to repair a devastated special hex owned by the player or ally. If it can't be placed immideatly it is lost again.
2Their finest hour:
At the next batle taht this army fights it can take on extra elite choise.
3"Fast as the wind, the invasion has begun!"
You may take controll of an extra hex, this hex may be taken from a player you just defeated or it may be a neutral hex. If no such hexes are available (for example your opponent only has his capital left) this result has no effect.
4A map to an old fort:
In next batle this army fights, that allow fortifications, you may take one free bastion (without any upgrades) to your force.
A single unit from the army may roll from veteran abilities table. If it gains a advantage/rule that it already has you can choose the result. If you already have 1000 points of veterans in this army ignore this result.
6Heroes of legend:
A single independent character from the army can roll an advance from heroes of legend table. If it gains a advantage/rule that it already has you can choose the result.

d6 RollInglorious defeats
1"Damn those bastards, vengance shall be ours!"
Next time this army fights against the winning player, or against an army from the same Codex a single unit chosen by the owning player gains Hatred special rule.
2Inexperienced comanders:
At the next batle that this army fights, your opponent can choose a single unit. that unit will suffer from stupidity special rule during that game.
3Masses are rebelling:
One of hexes you controll turns neutrall, the hex is chosen by your opponent. Your capital can't turn neutral this way. If there are no hexes that can become independent there is no effect.
In next batle this army fights, opponent selects a unit, this unit suffers 2d6 strength 4 ap 5 hits before the deployment.
5"they are back, run for your lives!"
In the next batle that this army fights the enemy may select a single unit from his army that causes fear towards the entire aarmy.
6"How do I shoot web?"
You opponent chooses a unit that has at least one veteran upgrade and removes one upgrade from that unit.

Roll injuries for each independent character removed as a casualty.

d6 RollInjuries
1"Just a flesh wound!"
No effect.
2Scarped and bruised:
Character starts next batle with one lost wound.
The character can't take part in next batle.
4Major injury:
The character can't take part in next batle, in adition roll d6 for further effect:
1: -1 WS
2: -1 BS
3: -1 S
4: -1 T
5: -1 I
6: -1 Ld
If stat is reduced to 0 character is dead. If this was a warlord of the army generate a new warlord traits for the new warlord of the army.
Character ends up as a prisoner of the enemy. Opponent should mae a note that he has a prisoner. The opponent may exchange the prisoner to a prisoner that you hold or maxium of 5 VP worth of hexes. Opponent may also try to execute the prisoner, if so roll a die:
1: The character makes a daring escape and slays several guards gaining valuable experience. The character returns to his army and gains a roll from heroes of legend table.
2: Traitors in ranks release the character, character returns to his army, in adition owner of the character may take a posession of single hex that is not the capital, from the former holder of the prisoner.
3: Character fakes his death at the execution and after his body is dumped he returns to his army.
4: Execution is delayed because of adminstrative error.
5: Execution is delayed while useful information is being extracted from the prisoner. The holder of the prisoner gains preferred eneny (codex of the prisoner) for one unit in his next battle.
6: Prisoner is executed in glorious display. He's dead Jim. If this was a warlord of the army generate a new warlord traits for the new warlord of the army.
6"That wich does not kill us makes us stronger!"
Character recovers completely and gains an advantage from the heroes of legend table.
Heroes of legend and veterans
When one of your units gains veteran ability or one of your characters gains an Heroe of legend ability roll d6 from the following table. If you roll an ability that the unit already has you may chose an ability that the unit doesn't yet have. Also if the result would rise an atribute over 10 discard the result and choose a legal one. If unit has all advantages it may not gain any further advantages. Army may have a maxium of 1000 points worth of Veterans and/or Heroes of legend.

6 RollHeroes of legendShooty infantryFighty infantryBikes / cavalryVehicles
1+1 WS+1 BS+1 WS+1 WS+1 BS
2 +1 Ld+1 Ld+1 Ld+1 Ld+1 BS
3+1 BSTank hunters special ruleFurious charge special ruleSkilled riders special ruleTank hunters special rule
4Crusader special ruleInfiltrate special ruleScouts special rule+1 BSTank hunters special rule
5Stubborn special ruleSplit fire special ruleRage special ruleHit and run special rulePower of the machine spirit special rule
6If the character is the warlord of the army you may adjust the warlord trait up or down by one number, or switch it to another collumn. If the character is a psyker you may generate a new set of psychic powers from those awailable (theese can be chosen multiple times). Stealth special ruleFleet of XXXStrikedown special ruleOutflank special rule